Most recent album Release "Blue Flower” by Terry Winchell 


Terry’s songwriting and music opens vistas that draw from her personal life experience and reach out to the universal.


"Blue Flower's" songs are based on true events in Terry's life , it's a deeply personal and honest album. It came out of a reflective challenging time of personal loss and the recent recession. Her voice and the music bring the listener close to those experiences. Terry’s soaring and expressive voice along with distinct and beautifully balanced instrumentation captures unique experiences and provocative reflections that we rediscover in ourselves as we listen. 

Accompanying Terry on this album are NY sidemen, with whom she has recorded and played live with for many years, as well as musicians from Nashville TN and Austin TX. 

Each has a heartfelt and supportive understanding of Terry's music, creating a natural chemistry. This is Terry's third self produced album  of  original songs . She sings (lead and background vocals, along with playing  acoustic and electric rhythm guitars).  

Guitarist, engineer and co -producer Mark McCarron plays multiple instruments on the album, including (lead guitar, dobro, lap steel, baritone, nylon, mandolin, and arch top).  "Blue Flower" also features Tim Lauer (piano, accordion and organ), Suzanne Mueller (cello), Paul Page (bass), Russ Meissner (drums, percussion), Phil Cimino (drums), and Elizabeth Lee (background vocals).


"Blue Flower”s imagery guides you through magical moments in nature, as in the song “Slumberland.”  
Terry’s song “(When I Know) I'm Not The Only One” shares a deep realization about how we are all connected, especially—and paradoxically—when we feel completely alone.

The title song, “Blue Flower,” connects the world’s issues concerning suffering and lack of compassion with a part that each of us plays:  “Maybe someday we’ll trust ourselves and open our eyes…”  
Counteracting the deeper soul searching undercurrents , the upbeat mood , such as “Loma Bonita” sung with love and appreaciation , we enjoy along with her a time spent on a sun-bathed hill in a small town in Mexico. 
Terry's song  “That Good Feeling” a compelling experience of reflection and exuberance, with it's catchy groove and Terry's sumptuous voice, it takes us on a journey under the stars through the freedom of the open road. Terry's wanderlust guides the way, and melodic guitar hooks ring out, stirring the free spirit in all of us . 


Terry Winchell grew up on he East End of Long Island, NY, surrounded by farmland and the ocean. From the beginning, her love of nature and her experience as a traveling balladeer have infused her music. Terry developed an eclectic style, early on and many influences still run through her music today.  Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Otis Redding,  Bonnie Raitt, Graham Parsons, Gordon Lightfoot, to name a few  contributed to her growth as an artist.


Terry brings the richness of her life experience to the recording studio, air waves and stage, she has performed at large and intimate venues, both as a headliner and opening act in the USA and abroad. She has opened for John Hammond, Taj Mahal, Hot Tuna, Pete Seeger, Doc Watson, Chip Taylor and many other artists.

In addition to her career as a performing artist, Terry lends her talent to numerous charities to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes. Terry is  a multimedia artist , animator , watercolors , photographer , videographer and video editor .

On the heels of finishing her latest release, “Blue Flower,” Terry moved to the Southwest and makes her home in Corrales NM.

Blue Flower” is a musical mélange that combines elements of folk, blues, countryrock, and at times ethereal .